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Whichever you rent you’re out of the boxy 4-wall. Celebrate with nature.

Intimately. Exclusively. Only with people close to you.

Pax FACILITIES Type/Description Day* Night*
250 VerandaGold - ABCDEF Garden/indoor with Holding Suite: Veranda, Ribera, Paseo, Terrazas, Pool deck (Option: Iwata Air Coolers for Veranda at P1,400 each) 24,000 28,000
250 VerandaGrande - AB Indoor: Veranda & Ribera (Option: +1K for aircon Ribera) (Option: Iwata Air Coolers for Veranda at P1,400 each) 15,000 18,000
250 VerandaGrande2 - ABC Indoor/Outdoor: Veranda, Ribera, Paseo (Option: +1K for aircon Ribera) 18,000 21,000
200 Veranda - A Indoor: Veranda (Option: Iwata Air Coolers for Veranda at P1,400 each) 12,000 16,000
250 JardinTerrazas - BCDF Garden/indoor: Ribera, Paseo, Terrazas, Pool deck (Option: +1K for aircon Ribera) 14,000 17,000
JardinTerrazas2 - CDF Garden: Paseo, Terrazas, Pool deck 11,000 13,000
200 Jardin - BCF Garden/indoor: Ribera, Paseo, Pool deck (Option: +1K for aircon Ribera) 11,000 14,000
Jardin2 - CF Garden: Paseo & Pool deck 10,000 12,000
40 Ribera - B Indoor: Ribera (Option: +1K for aircon Ribera) 6,000 8,000
60 Terrazas - D Outdoor at the deck: L-shape deck 10,000 12,000
10+ Pool - G Outdoor Swim: exclusive to venue renters (+ P250/head in excess of 10 swimmers) 6,000 8,000
** Holding Suite - E Dressing Room: Aircon Holding Room (for celebrant use) 4,500 4,500

Reservation Requirement: 50% down payment, non-refundable in case of cancellation.Security Deposit - PHP 3K for refund if no damages / losses to venue.* Electricity charges (if not book thru Portico de Busto): 1k for lights & sounds, 2k for LED wall, 500 for photobooth; 200 per electric food warmer; 500 water use fee, if Caterer will dishwash.Night starts at 3 pm;** For use by celebrant, hair and make up artists.

Use of venue as pre-nup/pre-debut photo shoot location – PHP 5K; Grooms Room – P1,500. Rate includes services of our own and local Barangay personnel to  ensure orderly parking and traffic during the event; Rates may change without prior notice.

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